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Here's what you need to do if you've gotten into an automobile accident.

Follow These 8 Steps After a Car Accident


Make sure everyone is okay! That is the number 1 concern. Cars can be fixed or replaced, people cannot!


Be aware of the scene and it’s surroundings. Do not put yourself in harm’s way standing between or behind vehicle after an accident. There are far too many distractions out there, and you are responsible to keep yourself safe. Once again, vehicles are fixable or replaceable!


Take pictures with your cell phone, or even take a video. Pictures are very helpful in many ways


If the vehicle is not safely drivable, you can have it towed directly to us.


Gather all of the other party's information. Remember, getting a police report is important in case the “description of the event” changes. 


Being involved in an accident is stressful for all involved parties. Stay calm,     stay civil. The world is an anxious place as it is…


If there were any car seats in the car, in use or not during the accident, they need to be replaced.


We can assist in towing, rental car set up, and assisting with insurance needs.